A Professional Approach to Communications and Document Management
About LitigationProofing

A LitigationProofing session can be delivered in person to groups of almost any size and can be completed in as little as 45 minutes. It makes a perfect component of any large on-site or off-site corporate meeting.
  • Rosenberg uses attention-grabbing and entertaining training techniques, including fast-moving snippets of video, props, nightmare e-mails, and audience demonstrations, all designed to work permanent changes in employee behavior.
  • Each presentation is tailored to your business, usually after consultation with your counsel and human resources professionals to review relevant issues.
  • The presentation is structured to allow active participation by a company representative if desired.
  • LitigationProofing is suitable for all employee levels. Rosenberg has a talent for explaining legal concepts in a simple, memorable, non-threatening fashion.